Lago Argentino Península de Magallanes.

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Los Notros` privileged location, confort details and refinement, professionalism and proud belonging of its people, had made it referent when it comes to beautiful places.

There, where everything is willing to be and dreams flow, you can give yourself to simply live. Los Notros, a step from the sky.

The spectacular landscape of the region, that overcomes the expectation of those who visit us, makes it harder for us to surprise you, but this is our challenge.
Los Notros counts with bilingual staff, bar, restaurant; reunion, lecture and video lounges, telephone, fax, and permanent internet acces through satellite dish, laundry, playroom for children, parking lot and handicapped access.

You are disposed to organize your trip. Almost certainly you already obtained information on the different places you will visit and you will fancy, and have diverse and particular doubts, dreams, and expectations.
You will arrive to a hard place to describe, but relentlessly it will excite you only with the condition of your love for nature and far beyond your customs and experiences.
Why Los Notros? because you will have the privilege of being part of a wonderful scene. Because we are bent on every detail to make it harmonize with its environment and that each of our movements do not disturb your experience and only join your wishes. But now that you will have to decide what not to do, let us, based on our experience, suggest an Activity Program for your stay

From every place in the hotel, the majesty of the Perito Moreno glacier will be at your reach.
The diverse decoration allows you to explore and discover every corner of the hotel.
The opportune thematic library, conferences on glaciology, playroom, bar and a fumoir room for cigar lovers, offers varied company to share your free time

A dwelling with only 32 bedrooms, to avoid altering the intimacy and peace imposed by the landscape.
Each one of them has its own identity, strong shades on the walls, wooden ceilings, ratan chairs, iron beds, courderoy courtains, mapuche carpets.
Even from the privacy of a bubble bath, you can enjoy the wonderful views of the landscape

Twelve bedrooms situated on the superior floor of the principal area.
Equipped with twin beds or king beds, frigo-bars, and the peculiarity of our bathrooms with jacuzzi from where, as from every corner of the hotel, you can enjoy a wonderful Glacier view.

Eight elegant bedrooms located at the bottom of the principal area of the hotel. All of them with two twin beds, frigo-bar and Glacier view.

The first bedrooms, which made the Hotel famous for its views of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
The acces into this section includes walking across, within a leafed grove, a romantic iron bridge over the “Velo De Novia” waterfall. Twelve warm bedrooms with Glacier view and equipped with frigo-bar.

Duration 2 hours
Difficulty: Low

Departure from the hotel in our vehicle heading the Mirador (the viewer) in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier. The footpahs are compound of seven balconies situated in different highness and distance towards the Glacier; conected by paths with steps that allows walking different paths with different duration and difficulty level. From the higher balcony you can enjoy the major panoramic view of the glacier, its north and south face. Descending, you can find the sencond balcony from where you can observe the channel between the Glacier and the Magallanes PENINSULA. There is where the natural ice dam used to take shape, producing the famous breach. The closer spot to the glacier is the bottom balcony.
The return to the hotel is also in our vehicles.
Alternative: The footpaths are only 4,3 miles away from the hotel. You can also chose walking the way to the Mirador, or the way back to the hotel..

Iron beams that were part o fan old market from Buenos Aires, wooden floors and tables, iron candelbras and a furtive window that connects us to the kitchen`s secrets, create a delicate autochthonous environment.
The autochthonous and crafted kitchen of Los Notros; lamb, duck, trout, guanaco, dishes and other sort of species from the southern seas, and of course, the best red meat from Argentina.
Smoked, Terrines, and homemade patès.
Sylvan mushrooms from the patagonian woods, and the luscious and tempting desserts as crème brulè with a pinch of Lavandas or the most convincing, elaborated mix of crafted chocolates and diverse red fruits.
At the orchard of the hotel, we produce part of the aromatic herbs we use to prepare our dishes.

You can think or hear about it in every language, the result will be the same; “gourmet” at Los Notros is always a tribute to the best tastes in a good meal.
An autochthonous cooking in which Patagonian lamb, exquisite trouts, the best argentinean meat or fish that live in the seas that the Pioneers sailed, are mixed with the smoked, the terrines and the homemade pâté, the goat cheeses and the sylvan mushrooms of the Patagonian woods.
All this, crowned with the exquisite and tempting desserts as crème brulè with a pinch of Lavandas or the most convincing, elaborated mix of crafted chocolates and diverse red fruits.
And one pleasant detail: an almost panoramic window allows the view of the hustle in the kitchen where all this dishes are made.

The best drinks of the world and always with the Moreno Glacier leading.
At the twilight the candles indicate the beginning of the tastings; excellent excuse to share emotions between guests, enriched by their diverse nationalitites.
A special place to taste regional respberry and calafate liquors. You will also find the best whiskies, malts, port wines, cognacs, effervescents of the world and enjoy them with a selection of the best tobacco.

The principal area of the hotel has a classic line, but modern within its conception of large windows and simple forms.
The front face is made of cypress wood and the openings of pine tree, everything in harmony with the environment.
A deck, with steps at the front of the hotel, compounds the most privileged tribune to the most wonderful scene of nature.
Autochthonous plants, as fetuscas and stipas, are present within the design of gardens and terraces.
The waterfall known as “Velo de Novia”, the trees, bushes, and flowers that compound the woods that surrounds the hotel, reassert the omnipresence of nature.


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