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International quality facilities and services are combined with the beauty of one of Brazil's most seductive beaches, the Praia do Santinho - located 35 km (22mi) from the center of Florianópolis, on Santa Catarina Island
The resort encompasses an area of 100 hectares - 75% of which are covered by Atlantic rain forest and sand dunes. We welcome you to enjoy the pleasures of this paradise throughout the four seasons of the year. The Costão do Santinho Resort is waiting for you

Accommodation Options
You can choose to stay in the charming apartment villas or in a suite at the International Hotel

International Hotel
Located along the shore of Santinho beach, at the base of the Morro das Aranhas hill , the Costão do Santinho International Hotel has an exceptional panoramic view, overlooking 2,000 meters of beach and sand dunes in an environmental preserve. The Atlantic Ocean is framed by rocky points and dotted with pristine islands
The Resort's architectural design integrates with the environment and with the traditional local Azorean culture of Santa Catarina island.
The resort's grand archways, walkways and passages that gradually descend to the beach are inspired by the Anhatomirim Fort and the ruins of the São Miguel aqueduct.
The International Hotel offers three floors of suites served by elevators and designed to get the best of solar orientation and natural ventilation while guaranteeing your privacy. Adjusting to the natural slope of the terrain, in an independent two-story building just below the residential units, the social area with its multi-level decks reaching to the sea was designed to promote a convivial atmosphere for people like yourself, who settle for nothing less than the best.
The suites, with 1 or 2 bedrooms, range from 60 m² a 280 m², and are fitted with two single or one double bed per bedroom, built-in wardrobes, whirlpool bath, kitchen, microwave oven, cable TV and radio. And what's more, they all have a spectacular view of Santinho Beach

Villas of Apartments
The charming villas of the resort were inspired by elements of Portuguese fortresses built along the Brazilian coast from the century onwards. They offer standard apartments and superior apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms and from 48m2 to 206m2 in total size
The first class apartments have a balcony, kitchen and garage and is furnished with beds, built-in closets, air-conditioning, safe, cable TV and sound system
The standard apartments are more simple hotel units equipped with a small refrigerator, air conditioning Cable TV and ambiente music

Costão do Santinho Spa
Since ancient times humans have known the benefits of water. Relaxation, a detoxicating diet with juices, pure air, thermalized waters, aromas, phytotherapy, massages, supervised physical activity (both in and out of water) and the proximity to the marine environment are unquestionably beneficial factors. In face of the countless stressful situations to which modern man is exposed, the need to restore energy, detoxify, "invest time in oneself", begin that long put off diet, we make ourselves available to help decrease the damage. Recent medical studies have found that damage from stress can be directly related to the origin of degenerative, vascular, and endocrine diseases and even cancer.
Located in a mystical and heavenly spot, within the Morro das Aranhas Nature Reserve and facing the crystal waters of Santinho beach along the Atlantic Ocean, the SPA Costão do Santinho has the best professionals to guarantee the "hygienization" and internal and external "detoxification" of its clients, in addition to restoration of the energies vital for perfect health.
The SPA Costão do Santinho works with European treatment methods based on Detoxifying the Organism through Healthy and Natural Nutrition, accompanied by Hydrotherapy, Thermalism, Thalassotherapy, Physical Therapy, Physical Activities and Natural Treatments, as well as by the use of Medicinal Plants, Marine Algae and Biomolecular Medicine. The Spa also offers nutritional guidance and advice for the prevention and management of chronic diseases

1 - Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in an international quality kitchen and served at the Restaurante Nossa Senhora da Vitória (alongside the Spa). Menus are prepared by a nutritionist to meet the patient's personalized diet. There are various diets with different caloric values.
2 - Medical Evaluation: first, the treatments to be applied will be determined. At the end of the stay the results obtained and the laboratory exams will be analyzed. A personalized Diet Restructuring will be supplied and a report issued about the period at the Spa
3 - Nutritional Evaluation: a nutritionist will analyze the eating habits of the patient and a diet will then be determined. Personalization is guaranteed through the joint evaluation with a professional doctor, and will be implemented with clinical care. At the end of the stay, there will be a final consultation with specific re-orientation given by the nutritionist
4 - Physical Therapeutic Evaluation: a study will be conducted of postural habits and of any problems in the back, joints or other regions. Depending on the therapeutic needs, various forms of hydrotherapy will be recommended, as well as treatments such as chiropractic, neural mobilization, manual traction, passive mobilization of the limbs, and conventional physical therapy (considered extra, or that is, not included in the SPA packages)
5 - Aesthetic Facial Evaluation: first an evaluation is conducted of the state of the patient's facial colon skin with orientation and hydration as well as guidance about the treatments available at the Spa that are considered extra. At the end of the stay a nutritional facial mask will be conducted
6 - Aesthetic Corporal Evaluation: an analysis of the state of the skin of the patient's entire body and of the possible locations in which some treatments would be necessary to improve the perfusion or reduction of measures. Orientation will also be given concerning hydration, aromatherapy and the benefits of the treatments available at the Spa, if necessary (considered extra, that is they are not part of the Spa packages). At the conclusion a gomage will be conducted (exfoliation and hydration of the entire body)
7 - Massage: conducted by high quality masseuses, with knowledge in relaxation massage, foot reflexology, lymphatic draining, and therapeutic and aesthetic massage. Each session lasts 50 minutes. As an option, there will be foot reflexology or lymphatic draining during your stay
8 - Thalassoterapy: this is a hydromassage conducted in a special bath with marine salts mixed specifically for your needs. In addition to muscle relaxation, you obtain the benefits of chromotherapy, thanks to a light system that randomly changes the water color. Marine salts with the essences of different fragrances, considering the patient's needs accompany the aromatherapy. The process offers central and peripherical vascular dilation (producing for an example a diuretic effect). It improves lymphatic drainage, stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the organism.
9 - Dry Sauna: this is also known as a Finnish sauna. It increases transpiration and the elimination of toxins, and accelerates the metabolism to stimulate the burning of calories. The sauna helps vascular dilation and improves general circulation. It is probably the world's only dry sauna in which you can enjoy all these benefits gazing at the ocean from the Santinho beach
10 - Steam Sauna: in addition to the benefits that the dry sauna offers, the steam sauna helps clear the respiratory passages

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